International Exhibition of Medical-Surgical and Aesthetic Clinics in Algeria

March 2024 | Algiers Exhibition Center | SAFEX (Gourara Hall)

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13 - 15 february 2024 | Algiers exhibition center - SAFEX (Gourara Hall)

1st International Exhibition of medical-surgical and aesthetic clinics in Algeria

Visit The reference fair for medical-surgical and aesthetic clinics in Algeria

Visiting a salon dedicated to medical-surgical and aesthetic clinics has many advantages. This is an opportunity to discover the latest technological advances, equipment and treatments in the field of health and beauty.

You can meet experts, ask questions, and watch live demonstrations to better understand the procedures. In addition to fostering networking with other professionals in the sector, trade shows offer the opportunity to compare offers from different clinics and providers, allowing you to make informed decisions for your health and aesthetic needs.

It is a source of inspiration and motivation by seeing the results obtained and the success stories, while participating in conferences and seminars to enrich your knowledge.

Reasons to visit Clinica 2024

Discover the latest advances: The medical-surgical and aesthetic salons present the latest technologies, equipment and procedures in the field of health and beauty. This is an opportunity to discover the latest innovations and keep up to date with emerging trends, which is what Clinica 2024 will allow you to do.

Meet industry experts Clinica brings together industry professionals, physicians, surgeons, aesthetic specialists and service providers. This is the opportunity to meet and chat directly with experts to get advice, ask questions and exchange ideas.

Networking : Clinica 2024 provides an environment conducive to networking, allowing visitors to meet peers, industry professionals, suppliers and potential partners.

Attend conferences and seminars Clinica 2024 will organize parallel to the show, conferences, workshops and seminars led by experts in the field. This provides an opportunity for learning and professional development.

Compare offers By visiting different stands and exhibitors, you can compare the products and services offered by different clinics and providers. This allows you to make informed decisions based on your needs.

Exhibitors universes

By visiting Clinica 2024, you will discover a rich and varied universe bringing together the key players in the sector of clinics dedicated to care and well-being.

Medical-surgical clinics

Medico-surgical clinics are specialized health facilities that offer both medical diagnostic services and surgical procedures. They offer an environment conducive to comprehensive patient care, combining medical expertise and state-of-the-art surgical equipment.

Aesthetic clinics

Aesthetic clinics are establishments that specialize in providing non-surgical treatments and procedures aimed at improving the physical appearance of individuals, such as skin treatments, cosmetic injections and facial rejuvenation procedures. They offer personalized aesthetic services to meet the aesthetic needs and concerns of patients.

Thalassotherapy Centers

Thalassotherapy centers are well-being and health establishments located by the sea, using the benefits of marine elements such as seawater, algae, marine mud, and marine climates to offer therapeutic treatments. , relaxation and fitness. These centers offer a combination of spa treatments, hydrotherapy, massages and physical activities with the aim of promoting relaxation, revitalization and improving overall health.

Physiotherapy centers

Physiotherapy centers are establishments specializing in the rehabilitation and physical rehabilitation of patients. They offer manual therapies, therapeutic exercises and other techniques to improve mobility, relieve pain and promote recovery from injuries or musculoskeletal conditions.

Dental clinics

Dental clinics are health establishments specializing in the management of oral problems. They offer services such as preventive dental care, curative treatments, dental surgery and aesthetic services related to dentistry.


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Why should you visit Clinica 2024 ?


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